/prɪk / (say prik)

1. a puncture made by a needle, thorn, or the like.
2. the act of pricking: the prick of a needle.
3. the state or sensation of being pricked.
4. Colloquial (taboo)
a. the penis.
b. an unpleasant or despicable person.

5. Obsolete a small or minute mark; a dot or a point.
6. Obsolete a goad for oxen.
7. Obsolete any pointed instrument or weapon.
verb (t)
8. to pierce with a sharp point; puncture.
9. to affect with sharp pain, as from piercing.
10. to cause sharp mental pain to; sting, as with remorse or sorrow: his conscience pricked him suddenly.
11. to urge on with, or as with, a goad or spur: my duty pricks me on.
12. to cause to stand erect or point upwards: the dog pricked up its ears.
13. Farriery
a. to lame (a horse) by driving a nail improperly into its hoof.
b. to nick: to prick a horse's tail.
14. Obsolete to mark (a surface) with pricks or dots in tracing something.
15. Obsolete to mark or trace (something) on a surface by pricks or dots.
16. Obsolete to write down (music) by means of pricks or notes on a page.
verb (i)
17. to perform the action of piercing or puncturing something.
18. to have a sensation of being pricked.
19. Also, prick up. to rise erect or point upwards, as the ears of an animal.
20. Obsolete to spur or urge a horse on; ride rapidly.
21. a prick of a …, an extremely difficult, unpleasant, disagreeable, etc., …: a prick of a job.
22. kick against the pricks, to indulge in futile struggles against the harsh realities of life. {Phrase Origin: where pricks refer to the rowels of the spur used to goad a horse forward, to resist which could cause injury}
23. prick off, to measure (distance, etc.) on a chart with dividers.
24. prick out, to transplant (seedlings, etc.) from their original beds to larger boxes.
25. prick up one's ears, to listen, especially at something unexpected or of particular interest.
{defs 1–7 (noun) Middle English prike, Old English prica dot; defs 8–20 (verb) Middle English priken, Old English prician, from prica puncture}

Australian English dictionary. 2014.


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